If you can imagine it, we can create it…


If you can imagine it, we can create it…


LED Sign With Motion System

Motion Systems

With our animated LED motion system signs, Firebolt brings your brand message to life through proprietary technology called streaming lights. Motion effects can be achieved that simulate any liquid flowing or bubbling. Other motion effects include shimmering, flashing, blinking, fading, swiping, color changing and more. 

LED Krystal Sign

LED Enhanced Signs

Enhanced LED signs are illuminated with ultra-bright LEDs and offer high impact, digitally printed graphics to bring attention to your brand in any environment. These ultra-thin (less than ½” thick) signs can be any shape or size to match your logo.

LEDeon Sign - LED Sign With Neon Brightness

LEDeon Signs

LEDeon signs are a great alternative to real neon. These signs replicate the look of neon tubing with ultra-bright LEDs but use 20% of the energy consumption of a standard neon sign.

Less expensive than neon
More consistent light
Longer lasting
Green, no harmful toxins

Illuminated LED Pocket Frames

The LED Illuminated Pocket Frame Krystal sign gives the customer the ability to change the graphic insert (message) within the display. This product is a standard black illuminated Krystal LED sign with standard silver or black border options. The graphic insert can be installed simply by sliding the graphic in/out between the cover panel and backlight panel.

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LED Sign With Pocket Frame